What is Preferred Partner Status and how does it work?

Secure Network Technologies is proud to announce the new Preferred Partner Program, designed to help security providers, IT providers, digital security consultants, managed service providers and enterprise security platforms offer their clients the best protection the in the industry. Partners will gain access to our team of experienced, licensed and devoted ethical hackers – offering services such as Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Forensic Investigations, Purple Team Training Exercises, Open-Source Intelligence and more.

Additionally, accepted applicants will gain access to a wealth of marketing materials to share with their clients, as well as the opportunity to white-label our services, positioning their organizations as their clients’ trusted deep security provider.

There is also a library of sales training videos and materials available on our Partner Portal, helping your sales team to sell more effectively and close more often.

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Why apply for Preferred Partner Status?

Simply put, modern security tools such as endpoint protection, security monitoring, virus & malware scans and other solutions just don’t get ahead of sophisticated hackers. They have access to many of those platforms themselves, and train diligently to identify the gaps and holes in the security infrastructure of their targets.

Arming your organization with a team of experienced Hackers, Social Engineers, OSCP’s and hardened penetration experts is the only way to fight fire with fire. Security tools usually kick in when there is already a problem, and compliance measures usually only account for the bare minimum protocol for avoiding an attack. Developing an advanced plan of attack requires thinking like the bad guys do – and that’s what we do best.

Becoming a partner means putting the full force of some seriously talented and passionate pattern-finders, system-breakthrough artists and intelligence savants on the front-lines for the protection of your clients’ most valued assets. Our team becomes yours, and you can confidently represent your organization as a bona-fide deep security provider. That’s how you can configure your other security protocol offerings to do their best work in locking down your clients’ networks and developing a reputation for being rock-solid and impenetrable as possible.

What are the benefits of Joining the Preferred Partner Program?

Members of the Preferred Partnership Program gain access to all our services – provided directly with white-labelling available. Partners enjoy generous commission structures for their sales professionals, in addition to outstanding marketing resources and sales training materials to help them sell more effectively and close more often. That means the client gets protected and everybody wins.

For more details on available services and the benefits of partnership status, please click here to explore.


How do we get started?

First, assess whether your organization is positioned to sell these services to your clients. If you have any detailed questions before applying, you can contact us by clicking here. Typically, those best positioned to provide our services are solution partners, managed service providers and IT service organizations – however we are also ready to work with experienced and reputable sales organizations as well as enterprise scale services for platform or large network integrations.

Next, visit our application page and fill out the form appropriate for your organization type. Your application will be sent to our team for review. If accepted, we will create an account for you on our Partner Portal, where you can access your benefits and resources. We’ll then reach out to schedule a Zoom call to get your and your team going!